Jesus is Greater than the Angels Because of Who He is

Hebrews 1

Jerry A Collins



® Why is Jesus superiority to angels important?

What significance is there to Jesusí revelation of God?

What is the relationship of this revelation to angels?

Since 9/11 many messages have been delivered to us by the government. Sometimes the messages have been descriptive of ground zero, battle plans, death tolls, the enemy and other times the messages are decisive from higher-ups who have more inside information and can deliver accurate reports and plans. But what we have really appreciated are the definitive messages delivered by our president. These messages have defined, directed and declared for us what has happened, is happening and will happen. When we have heard from our president that has made all of the difference. From the beginning God has sought out His people and communicated with them (Gen 3:8-9).

1. GOD COMMUNICATED HIS REVELATION THRU PROPHETS 1 It came in many parts. Fragmentary, piece by piece, coming in various forms like visions, law, types, prophecies, judgments and stories. Various persons made contributions. Abe was recipient of some basic revelation. David received more. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel provided even more as God revealed His truth to them. All of this came long ago which might suggest the need for a fresh restatement. These prophets were Godís spokesmen in their times of the Old Testament but people did not always believe them. They were often ridiculed and rejected and some were killed.

2. GOD COMMUNICATED NEW REVELATION THRU HIS SON 2-3 In contrast to long ago, in these last days, means the era in which we are living, the church age. It is revelation for our day and age. This revelation is superior because of itís nature but also because of its messenger, the Son. It is revelation delivered definitively by the Son of God. The old was partial, the new complete. The old thru prophets, the new thru the Son. The old anticipatory, the new final. In these momentous times God has spoken to us thru a Son. Here is no mere spokesmen, prophet, for God, not a mere heavenly angelic messenger, but this final revelation comes thru one who is intimately acquainted with our heavenly Father in a way that only a family member could be. Why is He the ultimate revelation of God? Why are the commandments of Christ a superior message?

(1) Appointed by God as heir of all things 2. The entire universe and all it contains are His. He is Lord of it all. He will enter into full possession of it in the Millenium and on into eternity. It does not belong to Satan or mankind.

(2) He is creator of the ages 2. He created the physical universe and the history that has transpired because of it. He ordered and operates the ages according to divine purpose. This Son is divine far superior to only a prophet.

(3) Radiates Godís glory 3. What

the rays are to the sun, the Son is to the Father. Neither can exist without the other. Unbroken connection with the Father.

(4) Reveals the fullness of Godís attributes 3. Intimately connected with the Father, He puts on display the character of God (12 of them). Though equal in essence they are separate in identity (Jn 14:9). When we see Jesus, we saw God face to face.

(5) Sustainer of universe by His powerful word 3. In the sense of holding up and movement toward some goal. Christ is responsible for governing and guiding the universe forward to reach its conclusion according to Gods plan by His creative word (Col 1:16-17).

(6) Provided purification of sins 3. He secured eternal salvation for sinners by His shed blood on the cross. Only His blood can cleanse us. No prophet, angel or bull or goat could do that.

(7) Taken His seat at Gods right hand 3. That is the seat of honor and authority. Recognition and power. Even today we speak of someoneís right-hand man. His atoning work is completed. His priestly service finished. No more sacrifice needed. He sits there in all the majesty and splendor of God.


Whenever Gods message was rejected by a prophet God would speak decisively thru an angel. When an angel spoke people listened. No record given in OT of one instance in which an angel was rejected. But even in this case Jesus message was still superior because of Who He was. There are 7 reasons why.

(1) God calls Him His Son 5 (Psa 2:7). Only in a collective sense are angels called sons of God (Job 1:6). At his baptism, transfiguration, by resurrection & exaltation. He alone rules and reigns.

(2) God claims to be His Father 5 (2 Sam 7:14). The relationship between the Father and the Son is superior to that of angels because of its nature. All that is wrapped up in the nature of this relationship reveals Jesus deity.

(3) Angels worship the Son 6 (Psa 97:7). Firstborn relates the Son to the entire human family. The eldest represents the father to the sons generation. Jesus related to men by resurrection (Rom 8:29) so he can represent the Father to us. At that time, Jesus second coming, the angels will worship him (MT 25:31).

(4) Angels created beings who serve God 7 (Ps 104:4). The transitory and changeable ministry contrasts with the eternal nature of the Sonís. God uses angels to carry out his will just as winds and flames. All do His bidding.

(5) The Son has an eternal throne, rule and kingdom 8-9 (Ps 45:7-8). In contrast to angels the Son is God and has an eternal dominion. With His governing power it will be a joyful rule and we His companions will share in that rule.

(6) The Son as Creator has always existed 10-12 (Ps 102:25-27). Not only did He create, He existed prior to it and will outlast it when it is completed. No angel shares this position.

(7) The Son is partner with the Father in His Fathers work 13 (Ps 110:1). Everyone one of His enemies will be destroyed. Final and complete deliverance. Jesus work is completed. The angels are still busy with theirs. They are agents and servants not rulers. They are responsible to aid believers. They do that now.

1. Jesus Christ has no rivals in the heavenly or earthly realm.

2. Angels are to be appreciated but never prayed to or worshipped.

3. There is salvation only in the work of Jesus Christ.