Jesus is the Judge

Revelation 1

Jerry A Collins




Ø      How is Jesus Christ revealed by John?

Ø      What does the number ‘seven’ signify?

Ø      Who are the angels to the churches?


When you consider prophecy or future things, it is like the engine of a train. It drives everything we think and do. Everyone is motivated by hope—some type of future gain! A study of last things addresses what is legitimate hope. If a person’s hope is temporal rather than eternal, he has nothing left but memories because for all practical purposes, his life is spent. An understanding of future things though,  will provide us with a hope that lasts all thru our lives on into eternity. We now have a motivation to believe and trust God all of our days because of the confidence that He is in control, that He has a plan and that no matter what is happening in my life or in the world around me, my hope is secure and unshaken. The book of Revelation discloses Jesus Christ in His glory and the truth about Him and His final victory over sin. Our hope is that Jesus Christ will have the final say—that He plans to bring the curtain down on things as we know them. This revelation begins here in chapter one with a description of Jesus as the Judge.


These opening words indicate the subject of the entire book—The revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus has sent his angel to proclaim the message to John making this a message from Jesus Christ but on a broader scale the revelation is about Jesus Christ. So the title of the book refers also to the whole of the book! This revelation was given to John to communicate to others vs 2. John is a witness of the word of God and will primarily give observations with very few interpretations. When John saw a beast, he saw a beast and he leaves it to us to interpret what he saw. Sometimes he does give interpretations like the dragon is Satan but most often just observations that must be interpreted. The message had to do with things that must shortly take place. When referring to the things that must take place and the time being near for the end vs 3, he means the action will be sudden when it comes not necessarily that it will occur immediately. Once these end-time events begin, they will occur in rapid succession. So these words mean ‘imminent’—happen at any moment, rather than immediate—soon without delay! In vs 3 Revelation is the only book that promises a blessing for reading and heeding the things written in it. God has no other revelation about another age before the prophecy of this book. So this is what is coming next in God’s plan.


First, we learn that this message is to be written to seven churches of Asia. It is a message from God the Father described as the one who is, who was, and who is to come—revealing God as eternal. Then a greeting from the 7 spirits around His throne—possibly the HS tho not identified clearly. Then from Jesus Christ vs 5. He is described in 4 ways. (1) Faithful witness—that is, He is the source of the revelation about to be given. (2) Firstborn from the dead—His historical resurrection, the 1st to be resurrected with everlasting body. (3) Ruler of kings of earth—indicating His prophetic role after 2nd coming. So there is no mistaking who this is that reveals this message to John. (4) One further description is that of our Savior. His death and shed blood set us free from our sin, it’s bondage, it’s consequences. It is important, when talking about Jesus, that we are talking about this Jesus, not some other Jesus. Because Jesus delivered us, we now are part of a priesthood where we each individually represent ourselves before God the Father vs 6. Our purpose now is to serve the interests of God and this prompted John to delver a benediction of praise and worship to God. Second, the message is that Jesus will return vss 7-8. He died a Savior but is destined to return a King! John alludes to Daniel 7:13; Zech 12:10 to show this is the 2nd coming of Christ because every eye will see him then, unlike His 1st coming or the rapture, events that are not  visible to the whole world. Once again we are told that Christ is the eternal one in vs 8—Alpha and Omega the 1st and last letters of the Greek alphabet indicating His eternal nature. ‘Almighty’ is the ‘all-powerful One’ used 10 times in NT 9 of them in Revelation. He can and will accomplish this! Delay is not denial. This coming signals the end!


There will be no mistaken who it is that returns. John gives an incredible description of Jesus in His glorified, heavenly   character   after first referring to himself. First, he describes his situation in 9-11. He is the only apostle still alive who had been with Jesus—possibly the only one for the past 25 yrs or so. John is writing from the context of his own suffering because of his commitment to the Lord vs 9-Exiled to Patmos because of persecution. It was on the Lord’s day while in the spirit he heard a loud voice vs 10. It could be that he was translated into the future day of the Lord and was told to write about that to these churches in these cities vs 11. Today this is Turkey and the church is dead. All under Islam today which sees its mission as what Israel failed to do—set up a theocratic kingdom (today on global scale). Paul said all Asia deserted him. So there were problems there early on. God has His revelation written down in words and books. Second, he describes Jesus in His glorified state vs 12-18. (1) He heard a voice and saw 7 golden lampstands vs 12. (2) In middle of these he saw one like the son of man vs 13 (used in Dan 7:13 to refer to Christ. (3) He then gives several descriptions of the glorified Jesus in robe and belt:




Vs 10



Son of Man

Vs 13




Vs 14




Vs 14




Vs 15







Full Sun

Vs 16

No longer the babe in Bethlehem, he is now the Lord of glory! Jesus is not a wimp and neither is anyone who follows Him! Paul was struck to ground in similar display of Christ’s glory Acts 9:4 as did John vs 17. Jesus accepted this worship cp. to the angel who would not allow John to worship him 19:10 & 22:8. Jesus told him; (1) don’t be afraid that He is the eternal One (1st & last) vs 17 like he is the alpha and omega vs 8 and resurrected never to die again. (2) That He has the authority over death and place of the dead vs 18. (3) Write all of these things down—what you saw, what is, what will be! So Revelation is a carefully written record of what John saw and heard not a hodge-podge of symbolism.

1. We need to proclaim and teach Jesus, not just as He was on earth, which was a servant example—but also as He is today—a magnificent glorified Savior and glorified Lord and Judge of the world and universe.

2. This future endtime revelation which John was to write about, we are to proclaim to our churches who are groups of believers gathered in cities and regions around he globe. Endtimes, prophecy, Eschatology is to be taught to believers not just ‘how to’ get by teaching!

3. Make sure that you teach and proclaim the Jesus of John’s vision not a Jesus of your own liking. There are many Jesus’ in people’s heads—give them this one!