A Leader needs courage

Joshua 1

Jerry A Collins




*               Why do we need courage in our walk with God?

*               What is it that makes a leader a leader?

*               How can I develop courage as a leader?


The Tsunami has been a major trajedy but there have been many courageous acts. Mano sent an email of a story he titled crazy faith: Pastor Santhana Peterplanted a church in the slums of the Marina beach (southern coast of India). He had 40 members/25 childrenthey were having aprayer meeting when some water went into the building. They thot someone had spilt water but all of a sudden they heard screams and ran out they saw a wall of water coming from the sea line. They ran while the water chased them. The pastor like a man in a sinking ship stayed and faced the water in his words I did not have time to think but I wanted to save my members and my family. Two of the old ladies from my church jumped on my shoulders and hung onto me. I saw the water coming like a wall and it was roaring like a lion. I commanded the water to stop and closed my eyes and the water went all around some how I was able eventually to walk and rescue the old ladies to safety. Courage as a leader. I want to teach some principles from Joshuas life in chp 1 that made him a courageous leader. We all need to be courageous leaders like Joshua was because God has exploits for each of us and courage is needed to face them.


Joshuas leadership was a product of the discipleship of Moses. Discipleship for reproduction was not commanded or developed in the Old Testament. It was introduced by John the Baptist and then Jesus. Jesus got his first two disciples from John and then he modeled it for us for 3 yrs, left the disciples this basic methodology in Mt 28:18. The apostles continued it and Timothy was told to reproduce it 2 Tim 2:2. It was commanded in one area in OT and that was parents to their children Deut 6. But no leader in OT was commanded to disciple other leaders. But we do see the powerful influence of disciple making both for good and evil. Of evil kings, it says they followed in the ways of their evil predecessorstheir father and grandfathers. Of good kings it usually says they followed ways of David. So we see in OT the process and product of discipleship but no command. But Joshuas whole ministry is based on leadership of Moses. (1) Joshua led victory over Amelikites which God directed thru Moses Ex 17:8-16 (2) Josh went up mountain with Moses Ex 24:13 (3) Josh was attendant of Moses from his youth Num 11:28 (4) Josh was among 12 spies Moses sent out Num 13 (5) Josh was commissioned for service to assist Moses Num 27:18-23 (6) Josh called to replace Moses Deut 31:23 And now in Josh 1 God says I will be with you just as I have been with Moses and be careful to do all the law which I commanded Moses. Point is you are more likely to be a godly leader if you have a godly mentor who has discipled you. And you will probably not pass on the godliness you know unless you take the time to disciple someone. There is no evidence that leading, preaching, teaching, counseling, pasturing will produce spiritual leadership for the next generation. Evidence is all in favor of the one who disciples a few good people.


Three times God gave Joshua the command to be string and courageous. This command is based on Gods promise to Abe to bring Israelites into land of Canaan and His promise to be with Josh wherever he went as long as he was careful to do all according to law God gave Moses. So point is this strength and courage was not like that of the world. Worlds idea of courage based on human strength & abilityin other words pride. Joshs waa to be based on Gods promise and Gods ability. In other words, humility. This strength and courage was based on dependence on God, not independence from God. Pride is root of all evil. It is the sin of Satan and temptation of Satan is to pursue valuestrength and courageindependent of God. Humility is root of all virtue pursuing these from dependence on God. So leadership requires us to draw strength and courage from all situations in life which God gives us. From every life situation God gives you, whether pleasant or miserable, you must gain from it strength and courage. And just because you do it right does not mean it will turn out right. But must find a way to be spiritually stronger and more courageous and eternally profitable or else you will become discouraged about life and following God. Pride will tell you to take control for yourself. Humility will tell you to give control to God.


Joshuas success was inseparably connected to his knowledge of and obedience to the written Word of Godin this case the Law of Moses. Read vss 7-8. Our job then is to know God. Jesus told us that this eternal life Jn 17:3. Psa 103:7 says he made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel. God is looking for a few good people who want to know His ways, not just His Laws. Christianity is only world religion that exhorts us to know God. Buddhism & Hinduism do not have a personal sovereign God to know. Islams & Judaism say you cannot know Godyou are only to keep His laws. But in the Bible we are told to know God. So there a some things we must do in order to do that. (1) Read and study the Bible. Become a student of the book. (2) Keep this Word radically, recklessly and without compromise. Make sure you understand it correctly. Dont apply half-truths or emotional out of context ideas. Once you understand it, live itradically. The most exciting thing there is in life it to live it with just one standardGods Word. What made Jesus life simpler than yours is that He only had one person to pleaseGod the Father. Lets do the same.


Josh commanded the officers in vs 10 (1) Josh acted quicklythe people did not have to wait after Moses death to see who would lead. (2) He acted decisively. He gave clear purpose and direction. (3) He acted with efficiently by using leaders whom Moses had selected (Deut 1:15) to prepare the people to cross the Jordan and begin the campaign. He also reminds leaders of 21/2 tribes on east side they were to accompany and help conquer the land 12-15. They were to help until God gave their brothers rest. (1) You are your brothers keeper. We should never think ive got mine you get yours. (2) Dont practice isolation or restrict your xianity to only one group. Be involved in many different groups.

1. I should not expect to be a leader or train a leader quickly. Josh was 40 yrs in training. He was 80 when he took command.

2. I should expect my leadership and that of others to be greatly influenced by the leadership of others.

3. God keeps His promises no matter what we do. We are to perform our responsibilities no matter what God is doing. He will use you if He wants to, but your responsibility is to be obedient.

4. We are to be strong and courageous not in our own strength and courage but in Gods Word. The Bible does not say that we should not increase our skill level but if I begin to trust myself instead of God then you are just in the way so Ill step on you so I can get what I want.

5. We must be clear and decisive like God is. Its disease of American churchthe trumpets in pulpits and classrooms and bookstores and tv calls no one to battle. They make such vague sound that anyone can followdont offend people. If you make distinct sound your ministry will be like Jesus and Paulmost people will leave you.