Jesus Is Greater Than The Angels Because of What He Did

Hebrews 2

Jerry A Collins



1 Why are we warned to not drift away spiritually?

Why does Christís humanity make Him superior to angels.

Why does Christís suffering make Him superior to angels.

It has been many years since I have been bike riding but this summer I rode a number of times with my son, Guthrie, who enjoys riding his bike so much. A bike was such an integral part of my life while a child and teenager. I have so many memories of bike riding because it was my mode of transportation for so many years. Just like today, we had to be careful of how we would ride and where. A mistake or recklessness could damage your bike, get you hurt, or even killed. So you learned the rules of biker safety. Then the day came when you went from bike riding to car driving. Now you rarely ride a bike to get anywhere. A car is superior in many ways. But there is also the greater potential for damage to life and limb that mistakes and recklessness can cause. You have so much more you are responsible for and accountable to now. The transportation is superior but so is the responsibility. As we open up chapter two of Hebrews, this is what we are told about our spiritual lives.


The argument is since Israel was responsible for the revelation they received, we who have received superior revelation must give greater perception to what we have lest we drift away from it and invite greater judgment.

A. Revelation from Christ carries with it greater responsibility vs 1

This revelation was something that we have heard. Later in vs 3 the writer identifies what was heard as that which was spoken through the Lord, all of the teachings of Christ. We are warned to pay much closer attention to this teaching. It is not the teaching of prophets or angels but of the Son. It merits our undivided attention. This word used for bringing a ship to dock. (Picture of Randy Dis and 71 ft boat landing in Grand Haven this summer). The reason we must give it our complete attention is because of the danger of drifting away from it. Not that something mite drift away from us but that we might drift away from it! Familiarity can breed contempt, pride and apathy. You may be exposed to Godís Word for many years, in variety of settings and from variety of teachers. But exposure to Christís teaching is no substitute for expression of it in your life. Listening to the Word is no guarantee that you are receiving the Word. Many Xians have been exposed to the Word but rarely experience it in their lives. You have to determine to become a student of the Word or it will never change your life.

B. Revelation from Christ is superior to any other 2-4

(1) Because it is a superior message it brings more severe judgment when neglected 2-3a. If the revelation delivered by angels from God, probably referring to the OT Law (Gal 3:19), brot judgment when disobeyed can we expect no penalties for infractions against the teachings of Christ in our lives? Jesus message is one of deliverance from sin and judgment. No other message or messenger can promise that or accomplish that in our lives. If it is neglected you are in great peril.

(2) Superior revelation because it was delivered by Jesus Christ 3b. With Christís coming previous announcements and partial ones were superceded by His own (LK 4:18-21). Nothing like hearing directly from the horses mouth!

(3) Superior revelation because confirmed by eyewitnesses 3c. Here this writer includes himself among the apostles tho does not specify that he was one. We do not know who the author is but a close associate of the apostles like Luke.

(4) Superior revelation because affirmed by God thru the miraculous vs 4. God testifies of the superiority of Jesus teaching by signs acting as proof, wonders producing awe, various miracles displaying divine power and gifts of the HS those spirit produced evidences that divine ability was at work in menís lives now that the HS was in them. The miracles in Acts testify to this. This passage establishes authority of the NT!


Was Jesus superiority to angels still retained when He became man? Yes. Jesus never lost His deity when He was here. He added humanity and retained His deity. Further, in the world to come, it is people, believers, not angels who will rule there. Based on Gen 1:26-28, at the time of creation it was Godís purpose to subject the earth to the authority of man. Psalm 8 is quoted here reaffirming Godís destiny for man. God did not subject the earth to the authority of angels but man. Angels are inferior to man because of manís destiny in the world to come. Christ, because He took on humanity became the Son of man and fulfills the destiny of man who lost their rule here because of sin. So Jesus became a man to solve mankindís problem. Since man lost control, at the mercy of events & circumstances beyond him, especially death, Jesus became part of the created order. In this sense for a little while he was made lower than the angels, in being put on the level of man. His objective was to die on the cross that He mite taste death for everyone vs 9. So he redeemed man from his lostness and now thru Christ we can regain the dominion we originally had and rule with Christ in the world to come! This destiny is possible because Christ came in the flesh for us. We are destined, those knowing Christ, to rule in the world to come. Do not drift away then from the teachings of Christ or you will suffer judgment and loss in your participation in ruling..


A. The Savior could not even reach the end to which He was appointed without suffering 10. Jesus secured our destiny when he died for us. We can expect to suffer as well.

B. Christ must identify (become one with) the ones He would redeem 11-14a. Day of atonement the High Priest puts his hand on sacrifice and the sacrifice making them one. So Christ took our flesh & blood and did the same literally.

C. His death broke Satanís power in realm of death 14b. (Eph 4) Satan lost his death grip on man.

D. Delivered those who were in fear of death 15. There is real freedom there. No sting in it. (Picture of shadow passing over me at stop light)

E. Christís death was not for angels because He did not take on form of angel but man only 16. Christ ID with human race only and salvation provided puts man above angels.

F. In His death He became a high priest satisfying Godís demands and covering over our sin permanently 17. Now He is a merciful and faithful one because of it.

G. What he suffered made Him the type of priest that suffering men need! He is able to help us fite temptation. He yokes with us. There is room for two. Our refuge is not in fleeing but in faith!