From Compromise to Corruption






Ø      Why do we not drive out the enemy?

Ø      What is the process of deterioration into sin?

Ø      How does idolatry work today?


How is it that believers, like unbelievers, can feel so comfortable in their sin. Both groups have the same problem. They feel comfortable praying to God, for instance, because they have changed the definition of God creating a god of their own. This God accommodates their sin and tolerates them. There is no fear of the idolatrous god they have created. This god hopes they can concoct a way to erase the consequences of their sin so that it looks nothing like sin. Our responsibility is to show our disciples that this god is not the God of the Bible. We are not all worshipping the same god. Actually, I must love God and fear God. Instead of god giving us a ‘get out of jail free’ card, God is like a fire on a cold night. You want to get close, but the closer you get, the more you realize your need to fear! Otherwise your compromise can then lead to corruption. We will learn that when you create your definition of change the definition of God, then you will find more freedom to pursue your sinful ways just like Israel.


1. The Angel of the Lord appears:

Twice the angel of Lord is mentioned. This is one of three appearances of this person in the book of Judges (6:11-18; 13:3-23). Most likely, this is a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus Christ. Jesus is visible and in bodily form—much like angels do too—a divine manifestation. The statements are 1st person and no angel would make these claims. These appearances were also to Moses and Joshua.  

A. This angel come from Gilgal to Bochim. From the place where they had first camped in the land after crossing the Jordan. The place where they were circumcised. The place where they had dedicated themselves to covenant faith and obedience (Josh 5:2-12). To Bochim the place where the angel of the Lord did 2 things. (1) He rehearses  God’s command about Canaanite alliances once they settled in the land 1-2. In this speech he reminded them they were not to make alliances of any kind with the Canaanites. They were also to remove all remnants of their worship to idols scattered throughout the land in the allotted territories. This was all in full agreement with the covenant agreed to at Gilgal. God expects you to keep your word. (2) He affirms the fact they have instead disobeyed 2-3. They did not do it. God emphasizes their disobedience with  a question that should stir their conscience, What or why have you done this? So God will do two things: (1) There will be no further divine aid to drive out the Canaanites. It will be withheld. (2) The Canaanites remaining will become a snare to Israel as Israel accommodates Canaanite gods and intermarriage will encourage the tolerance and even worship of these idols. It is this ‘snare’ of the tolerance of Canaanite idolatry that anticipates the cycles of sin, judgment, repentance, recovery, and then all over again in the days of the Judges.

2. The people weep but do not repent:  The people did weep  which is why it was called ‘Bochim’ which means weepers. They made a sacrifice there as well. There was no permanent turning away from idolatry even after this gesture. They went through the religious motions it seems without a true expression of faith. So what?

1. When God’s enemies become your friends they are a greater danger because they influence us to evil. Then what happens is God becomes our enemy. Have the right kind of enemies. Really, this is the message of Judges—when you model God’s enemies, God becomes your enemy. When you repent, God becomes your friend.

2. Without a plan and an effort to discipleship, the people will always tolerate sin. Good does not happen by itself. Evil does. While Moses discipled Joshua leaving him in charge, there is noone discipled by Joshua in charge after Joshua is gone. Our goodness must be passed down and passed on.

3. Israel forgot that this was God’s land and they were too purge it from pagan idolatry and altars in the same way we tend to forget that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we are to purge them from the influence of the world’s gods. We are on the same quest as Israel—remove the Canaaites, that is our sinful habits which are like baggage that weigh us down and provide temptation for us. We belong to God.

4. Eventually we deteriorate into sinful habits as we ignore God, His commands, His heart, His will for us just as Israel had forgotten the covt. responsibilities they had made. Accommodating the Canaanites had instead become their focus and it led them down the path of rebellion. When you are more interested in your friends than you are God you too will be susceptible to the same rebellion. Caleb, and his family show us that righteousness can be maintained in the midst of a deteriorating people. So do Hannah, Ruth, and Boaz, all who were righteous people in the time of the Judges. It is not necessary to follow the influence of the world into sin.


1. Remember Joshua 6-10

This next section is a flashback in time back to Joshua’s funeral. In his day the people ‘served the Lord’ vs 7. The emphasis is on two generations—the one that had seen the exploits of God in Joshua’s day vs 7 and the other generation later who did not know the Lord nor his exploits vs 10. The 1st generation died in the wilderness. The next is their children who entered the land. This 3rd group is ignorant of all that. The result is their doing evil in God’s site serving the Baal’s vs 11. This ignorance would set in motion sinful cycles leading to a downward spiral of rebellion, disobedience, and judgment. If you do not know the Lord nor the ways of the Lord the world’s wisdom is attractive.

2. Their sin reaps corruption 11-23

First, their forsaking God was in the manner of serving the Baals, following other gods, bowing down in allegiance to them 11-13. The gods of the people around them were attractive. Their disobedience was result of ignorance—not knowing God or His work. Know good theology and that starts with knowing who God is and what He does. This is same situation of church today. Second, Gods anger burns and Israel is severely distressed as a result 14-15. There are consequences to our sin. God is against you when you sin. Third, God raises up judges who delivered them from oppression 16-19. But it did not help. Ignoring judges they quickly turned back to attractions. Fourth, God used the religious attraction to test the obedience of each successive generation. But they turned back even more corruptly than before. But why would people do that? What is the attraction of the religion of the world? It’s appealing because I am encouraged into thinking and believing that I can manipulate God into doing what I want to do. By my devotion or commitment or sacrifice I can get God to do what I want him to do. The problem is God already had an agenda—wanting them to do what He wanted them to do which is not necessarily what they wanted. So who wins in your life?