®      In the news this morning is a story of an Australian missionary and his two sons burned to death in their jeep in India by a radical group of Hindus.READ IT!


®      Suffering because of our faith in Jesus Christ is the price we must pay as we stake our lives on following Him.Suffering because of our determination to keep Christís commandments is neither random nor senseless but part of the divine plan of God.


®      Just this week a friend described how his commitment to follow Jesus Christ has caused a series of friendships he used to have to break-up.In this instance, following Christ has cost him close friendships he once upon a time had enjoyed and benefited from.The interests and priorities are different now and he is coming to grips with some of the suffering associated with obeying Jesus Christ.


®      It may cost us our lives.It may cost us our friendships.It will cost us to obey Christís commandments.Our passage teaches us that suffering is the legacy of a committed believer and God is glorified by the godly attitudes and actions we display when we suffer.The instruction begins with the principle:




®      The implication is that suffering can take us by surprise if we do not have the appropriate perspective about it.In other words when difficulties come our way because of decisions we make to live godly lives we should not look upon it as an intruding stranger or unexpected guest.Jesus told us that His followers would suffer Matthew 5:10-12; Luke 21:12-19.Jesus himself suffered, setting the example for us to follow 1 PT 2:21-25.The apostles and many in the early church suffered and they taught us to expect it Acts 4 and 5; 9:16; 2 Cor 1:5-7; James 1:1-4.


®      In eachcase a deliberate choice was made to move in a godly direction knowing that choice would bring suffering or hardship of some kind into the life.That was not a deterrent from continuing to follow Christ.Christ knew what was going to happento him and so did the apostles but they did it anyway!WE can expect to be misunderstood, alienated, rejected, ridiculed, marginalized, gossiped about, maligned, misjudged by those who have no interest in following Christ.Our faith in Christ will get in the way of some of our relationships at work, at home, in our circle of friendships.Our faith in Christ may get in the way of our career opportunities or financial priorities.We should not being doing what we can to minimize our suffering but to maximize our devotion to follow him.We can help but suffer when we do that!It is the price we must pay to honor Christ.


®      Somewhere along the way we have gotten the notion that following Christ means a carefree life.No problems. No difficulties.No hard decisions or hardships.Wrong!First, we must expect to suffer.There are opportunities you will never have because of your determination to follow Christ.There are friendships you will lose, priorities that will shift..all of them costly to some degree but not unexpected as you re-organize your life patterns to conform more and more to the will of Jesus Christ!That life-long process will be costly to you.Expect it to be so!Be willing to pay that price and suffer that hardship.That is what Peter is telling us.




®      It is all a matter of perspective.We can either look at the suffering as an unexpected guest.Then we will respond in ways that focus on relieving the suffering for self-protective reasons.Reasons, the Bible teaches us that have nothing to do with following Christ.Or we can look at our participation in Christís suffering.That he tells us will bring a joyful response from us.The fact is that when we take part in Christís sufferings we will also take part in His glory which is to be revealed or unveiled later.I can have a piece of that he tells us and that should motivate me to respond with joy when I am suffering because I am choosing to follow Christís commandments.


®      Now if I am not interested in following Christ, then suffering will not be a joyful thing for me.But I will also not share in his godly when it is revealed.The suffering I experience now is a downpayment of the glory of Christ I will share in then.We will be rewarded by Christ for the sacrifice we have made to build His kingdom.So Xians who are following Christ are people who are living for the other side of the grave.We have the opportunity to share as co-heirs in the inheritance of Christ but there is a cost involved.Romans 8:17 says ĎIf so be that we suffer with Him.íAll Xians are heirs but certainly not all will be co-heirs.For many xians will decide that the price tag involved in discipleship is too high and will settle for comfortable, complacent, convenient Xian life.But those who op[t for the path of discipleship will discover that the sufferings of this life are not even Ďworth comparingí to the Ďglory that will be revealedí Romans 8:18.




®      The text tells us that being ridiculed or reviled when we make decisions to honor Christ places us in Gods favor.That means that this kind of suffering is never a penalty but a privilege.It places us in Gods good graces!We can make the mistaken notion that because I am suffering or a fellow believer is suffering that God is penalizing them for something wrong in their lives.We are talking about the specific kind of suffering associated with following Christ not suffering generally.


®      In addition I have the HS of God inside of me now and He empowers me to move through the suffering and various kinds of hardships in a God honoring manner.This is when we need Godís presence to strengthen us as we resolve to follow through with our commitment to follow and obey Christ!WE are never alone in our sufferings for Christ.God is right there in the person of the HS.You may shed some tears and struggles with your emotions and have to swallow a few lumps in your throat as you try to make your way through your sufferings for Christ but you are never left to go it alone!We have a companion called the HS and He assists us to respond so that God is glorified by the way we handle it.




®      The point seems to be that no matter what the trials xians are to do nothing that would justify6 punishing them as criminals.In other words, physical violence against us is not to be met by murder.Confiscation of property is not to be compensated by theft.We are not to suffer as murderers, thieves, or any other kind of criminal or even as a troublesome meddler in other peoples affairs and business.This is all out of place for us.


®      This is not the kind of response that honors God or gives him any kind of glory.So, if you are tempted to act with any of these responses, stop.Donít do it Peter tells us.Instead, focus on the fact that you are having the privilege of sharing in Christís sufferings and leave the consequences with God.




®      Our suffering for Christ should not be a cause for surprise but neither should it be the source of shame.There is no shame if one suffers as a Christian rather than as a criminal.While we courageously endure the hardships associated with obeying Christ we bring glory to God.We show the worth of His name.He is worth suffering for and our suffering puts God on display!Suffering as a criminal only brings shame to us and no glory to God.Since our highest purpose is to put the greatness and character of our God on display, then my suffering as a believer from an opposing world does just that!And this is to be my business.Avoiding suffering as a xian is not my business.That only has my greatest interest at heart and not Gods.Who I am to be serving me or God?I cannot serve both.




®      Peter has said that suffering is used to refine and prove our faith 1:6-7.Now suffering is used by God to corrcet us when needed because we may need it.There is going to be a time of judgment for all believers before Christ and in our lives God uses suffering as corrective action to get us back on the right path so that we will not lose rewards.Now if we need and deserve this kind of disciplinary action to keep us faithful and on the right track how much more do those who do not obey the gospel deserve the judgment they are going to get?


®      A believer will experience the sufferings here while he follows Christ.The suffering is for a short while and God will use it to shape us and correct us so that we can be rewarded by him at our judgment.The unbeliever will not only have his sufferings here but he will also experience the judgment of God for all eternity because of His sin.That is where the ungodly and sinner of Vs 18 will appear.So he is warning the xian that he is not exempt from corrective action by God through his sufferings.Hebrews 1`2:7 ďEndure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons.Ē††††††††††††††



®      It is suffering according to the will of God that is significant.If I am suffering as a criminal it does not count.If I am suffering solely because I bear Christís name and my decisions reflect that, then I can be confident that my suffering is Gods will for me.Whenever I suffer because I am a xian it is Gods will for me.And when I do suffer for that reason I am to deposit, like one makes in a bank, my soul, my life in the hands of God.


®      There are many things into which a man can deposit his soul in order to alleviate the pain.It can be money, power, alcohol, lust, business, even a favorite hobby can all be used to temporarily stifle the cries of the soul.There are a number of drinks the world holds out for us that mite deaden the pain of the cross we must bear for Christ.Donít deposit your soul there.The temptation will be to retaliate, get even, take the plunge.All of these all be ruthless bankers you make deposits in because they promise much but never deliver.When we are suffering for Christ, we need to make sure that we deposit our affections, our attitudes, our responses, our hopes into the hands of God because he is a faithful banker who will increase the value of our lives as a result.




1.Suffering is not a necessary evil but a necessary elective.


2.We only have a short time to suffer.


3.We should never make decisions to avoid suffering.