Courage to do What God Commands

Judges 6

Jerry A Collins




v     Does God allow us to sin without consequences?

v     What kind of person does God require for service?

v     How does God prepare and equip us for that service?


Sin is never a good idea. If we know anything about our Father in heaven it is that disobedience is a very serious matter with God. When we marginalize His commandments and when we cavalierly disregard His will, we can expect that there will be consequences from Godís point of view. God calls the violation of His will sin and no one will get to heaven and be glad they sinned. It is not that we do not love the Lord but that somehow we conclude that if we do not overdo it we can ignore His commandments without any substantial downside. God will not let us off of that hook. Not for one sin. Not for one compromise. Not for one act of disobedience. We know this from the activity of God our Father amongst His people Israel. We are going to learn that our sin makes matters worse on the ground and with God. God wants you to stand up in the midst of your doubts, fears, and apprehension, to do the right thing. To take Him at His Word knowing the right thing to do and having the courage to do it. God will not give you a break when it comes to sin but He will ask you for the courage to obey.


We sin when we do evil in Godís eyes Then the sons of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord vs 1. But you have not obeyed me vs 10. This downward cycle has continued now for a number of generations. God even sends a prophet to the people as He had many times before rebuking them for their constant disobedience of His commands vs 10. So sin is something I do that opposes Godís will for me. It is something between God and me not you and me. It becomes a vertical issue before it becomes a horizontal one. So it is clear that their evil is something they have to done to offend God.

That sin brings painful consequences God turned his people over to their enemies. He gave them into the hands of the Midians for seven years. The Midians are a nomadic desert people ranging throughout the Transjordan territory where they apparently subdued the edomites, ammonites, amelakites and Moabites who also lived there. They came at harvest time vs 3, destroyed the produce vs 4, left nothing for Israel including sheep, ox and donkey vs 5; in vast numbers; devastating the land with their livestock and camels. Life was very hard for Israel vs 6. These desert raiders invaded the grain fields for seven years. In such periods farmers in the hills less likely to be trampled in the path of invading herdsmen. However, those who ventured out to till the plains and valleys were first to be overrunóforced to retreat back into the hills for refuge vs 2. By the way, this may be the same scenario during the Tribulation where their flight from the Antichrist will take them back into the mountains Mt 24:16ff. This is a very difficult period for Israel in contrast to the song of victory sung by Deborah and Barak in the preceding chapter. God still turns us over to the world when we do evil in His sight. That means we will lose reward in heaven, we are out of fellowship with God. He has not abandoned us any more than He has Israel but it may seem that way. Similar to what did to Hymanaeus and Alexander in 1 Tim 1:20 when he handed them over abandoning them to Satan or to the realms controlled by Satan to chasten them or correct them for their blasphemy. So God will use the worldís influence to hassle, to disrupt, to tempt you if that is what you want. Today that may mean more prosperity coupled with more immorality. Increased anxiety, pressures, conflict and stress in your life as well.

God will let you know what the problem is God sends a prophet after Israel cries out for deliverance 7-10. 1. He reviewed their history; 2. He reminded them God was against their idolatry; 3. He pointed out their disobedience. It was not what they wanted to hearóthey anted deliverance not to be told they were wrong. I suspect it is not good news for us to hear what God thinks when we want what we want while sinning to have it.


God sees what can be done by us Here is the 2nd appearance of the Lord this time to Gideon beating out wheat in a winepressóa hole in the ground. Normally you would do this on top of a hill so the wind could blow the chaff away. But he is hiding so he cannot be seen by the enemy and steal it from him vs 11. God sees Gideon for what he would do not what he was vs 12. A valiant warrior vs. being the least in the clans of Manasseh and the youngest in his own clan.Just the kind of guy God is looking for. For God is always looking for the least of us. God knows your capability and when he places you in a context of ministry or service it is because He wants to use you when you consider yourself incapable. First, Gideon questions Good about their suffering 13. Why? Where are the miracles he heard about? You have abandoned us if all of this is true about you. 1. He assumed suffering means God is not with us. 2. He thot presence of God evidenced only be miracles. 3. He thot the problems means God abandoned us to mercy of the source of our problems. Positively, he looked to God for a solution and not idols. So when you are suffering you may be angry enough to complain to God. You just have to apologize. But if you abandon God for ways of world then your going to be liable to the judgment of God. Gideon never reprimanded by God.

God strengthens us to do the right thing God says go in this your strength and deliver 14. What strength? The strength God says He will give to him. Yes you are the least and the youngest and all of that 15-16 and Gideon asks for a sign 17. He has hesitant faith. It is legitimate request. He does not doubt God. Just making sure it is God he is speaking to especially since he looked like normal man and may be a midian deceiver. It is good to test the spiritís 1 Jn 4:1-4. He soon discovers that it is indeed God 22-24 and he worships knowing God is present with him. (Jesus Christ)


Deal with the sin against God Gideon built an altar to the Lord vs 24 and tore down an altar to idols 25-32. Interesting they were willing to kill Gideon to defend their sin vs 30. Typical scenerioówe sin, suffer because of it, then meet that suffering with more sin that caused it and defend that sin. Their sin had become their security. Gideon had done this at night fearful of the response but at least he did the right thing. God can work with that kind of man or woman.

God strengthens us to do the right thing First, Gideon was clothed by the HS to be enabled to carry out Godís plan for deliverance. Second, he fleeced God 36-40. This was for testing not direction. He already knew what God had told him to do. Putting out a fleece has become common idea to find Godís will. 1. It was fruit of unbelief not belief. 2. It was not for guidance or Godís will. God already gave that. 3. It was for testing God not trusting God. 4. God did not treat it as sinful but weakness. Not ideal but may find self in that situation. Not one of not knowing Godís will but not having the faith to obey it. If you donít know Gods will look to His word not a circumstantial fleece. If no tin His word he has not spoken about it. If in his word and you donít have courage to do it then ask him for courage to do what he has commanded.