2 Corinthians 4:11-18
Shoreline Community Church
11.       FOR                                                                                                               REASON
(An explanation of the preceding.)
            We who are alive                                                                                       PROPOSITION
            are constantly being handed                                                                 CONSEQUECE
               over to death
(The apostle portrays he and his associateís ministry in context of impending death. He says we are an ever-living prey our lives in constant danger.)
            for Jesus sake                                                                                               JUSTIFICATION
(This constant risking of life is well worth facing for Jesusí sake. This certainly justifies that ministry.)
            IN ORDER THAT                                                                                         PURPOSE/RESULT
            the life of Jesus may be manifested                                                     OUTCOME
(Somehow the essence of Jesus life is displayed as Paul is risking his life for the gospel in situations that threaten his life.)
            in our mortal flesh.                                                                                     REALM
(In other words, his body is taking the brunt of the abuse, which is meant by his enemies to take his very life from him.)
12.       SO THAT                                                                                                      INFERENCE
            death is working in us                                                                               PROPOSITION
(Paulís suffering and constantly facing death. His suffering because of his message is the basis of his authenticity as an apostle. Notice not eloquent speech, miracles, and connections.)
            life in you.

(He develops this in a new direction, namely, that his sufferings made it possible to bring the life-saving Gospel to the Corinthians. They were saved by hearing the gospel due to his suffering for that gospel to bring it to them.))
13.      BUT
            since we have the same spirit of faith                                        DEVELOPMENT
            as that shown in what has been written                                           SUPPORT
               I believed therefore I spoke Psa 116:1
(Paul quotes Psalm 116 to emphasize his faith shared with the psalmist. His faith is in line with the faith of his ancestors that compels him to speak in this case about Jesus Christ.)
            and we also believe                                                                                    CONNECTIVE
            therefore, we also speak.                                                                        STATEMENT
(Facing death did not keep Paul from speaking out about the gospel. He believes the gospel so he must speak about it no matter the risk to his life.)
14.       BECAUSE                                                                                                 REASON
            we know the one                                                                                    CERTAINTY
            who raised up the Lord Jesus                                                              PROPOSITION
(The reason he can speak up in spite of the risks to his life is because he knows the one who raised Jesus from the dead. With this knowledge in hand he proclaims the gospel).
            and also will raise us up                                                                         CONNECTIVE
            and will present us with you.                                                               CONNECTIVE
(Paul and the Corinthians will be resurrected by Jesus together also at the rapture to be presented to Christ together. He has an eternal perspective in his present circumstance.)
15.       FOR                                                                                                               REASON
            all things are for your sake                                                                      PROPOSITION
(All things Paul does and suffers is done for the converts not himself or the apostles. On one hand what he does is for Jesus sake vs 11 which also makes it for their sake.)
            IN ORDER THAT                                                                                    PURPOSE
            the grace that is including more                                                      DESCRIPTION
               and more people

(The outcome of proclaiming the gospel is many have believed and many more  are believing and many more will still believe! In concentric circles the gospel makes impact into many other lives who then share that gospel in their sphere with rippling effect into our day.)                                           
            may cause thanksgiving to increase                                               OUTCOME
(Paul is not in this for himself or his own glory. He wants many people to believe so that many can express thanksgiving for what they have received and that thanksgiving increase.)
            to the glory of God.                                                                                   REFERENCE
(This thanksgiving then will bring glory with reference to God. God will receive much glory because of the many who receive the gospel and Paul is not looking for any for himself.)
16.       THEREFORE                                                                                           INFERENCE
            we do not despair                                                                                  STATEMENT
(The inference drawn form the reality of Jesus resurrection is a full confidence to precede ahead with the ministry of the gospel. This is no time to despair.)
            BUT                                                                                                               CONTRAST CONNECTIVE
(He uses this occasion to completely shift the argument into a different direction. Now he will contrast our physical life with our spiritual one.)
            even if our outer man is wearing away                                         CONDITION
            yet our inner nature is being renewed                                             CONTRAST
            day by day.                                                                                                    TEMPORAL
(Even if our bodies of flesh experience decay that might be accelerated due to suffering, the wear and tear taking itís tollóin contrast to that, our inner man, our spirit, is already being renewed by the suffering as it engenders in our spirit, virtues that our eternally worthwhile. So Paul can deteriorates physically under persecution but bloom spiritually through it.)
17.       FOR                                                                                                                  REASON
            our momentary light suffering                                                              TEMPORAL
(So he can see his suffering for what it is and not be depressed. They are meager things indeed. It is a moment compared to eternity.).
            is producing or working out in us                                                       OUTCOME
            an eternal weight of glory out of all                                                             PERSPECTIVE                        
(The reason for this perspective is because a light affliction compared to the Ďeternal weight of gloryí makes any affliction here seem light. This weight of glory is indescribable even though he tries. His suffering is producing this effect and again our perspective is absolutely essential to our demeanor. It is all about the other side of the grave. This is our focus.)
18.       while we are not gazing at the                                                                 TEMPORAL
               things seen
(Again it is all a matter of our perspective and four times he repeats this at the end. Paulís perspective made all the difference for him and it will for the Corinthians too. If we keep our gaze fixed on what we can see i.e., the suffering of our physical bodies, the threats to the gospel, we will not have perspective.)           
            BUT                                                                                                               CONTRASTIVE CONNECTIVE
            gazing at what is not seen                                                                      PERSPECTIVE
(It is at spiritual things, eternal things, God Himself we are to look. The things not seen. It is a correct perspective that will keep us focused and determined.)
            FOR                                                                                                               REASON
            the things seen are for a time                                                           TEMPORAL
(The reason for this perspective is that all things here are transient, they pass away, and so will our mortal bodies. If you have a temporal perspective and instead try to protect your life and not risk it for the gospel, you will eventually die anyway. You end up with nothing to show for it eternally).
            BUT                                                                                                               CONTRAST CONNECTIVE
            the things not seen eternal things.                                                     PROPOSITION
(So invest your perspective here on these eternal things. Now for Paul that meant staying steadily on the gospel in spite of the suffering associated with it. But the Corinthians needed to understand that this was also the badge of his authenticity as an apostle).
(1) One reason we share the gospel and suffer for it is that in this way we also share in manifesting itís authenticity. Our suffering on behalf of the gospel is the same suffering Jesus experienced. We manifest his life by sharing the gospel and suffering for it. Have you, do you suffer for the gospel? Have you lost business, friendships, donations, reputation, opportunities because of your commitment to the gospel?
(2) Another reason why we want to give the gospel is because the gospel, as it is believed, brings glory to God as more and more people are able to express their thanksgiving to God for their salvation. We should want God to be glorified. Suffering for it then becomes a peripheral issue.
(3) The gospel has to do with eternal matters and most people are preoccupied by the present or the past or some the future. The gospel cuts across the grain of our earthly perspectives and so is necessary for us to share it even though we may take a hit because of it. It is vastly more important and significant.