Jesus Comes to Judge

Revelation 19

Jerry A Collins




*      What are the ‘Hallelujah’s all about?

*      What is the contrast between the ‘two suppers’?

*      How does Jesus kill people in the end?


We must be careful not to misrepresent or mischaracterize Jesus Christ. A prominent church in Grand Rapids has been giving out ‘Love Wins’ stickers for people to place on their cars. Jesus is always associated with whatever one’s idea of love is. Of course, Jesus loves us and His death and resurrection demonstrates that. However, there is more to Jesus Christ than just love. Jesus also judges, punishes and even kills people. Jesus Himself said that he did not come to unite but to divide. Judgment and vengeance are works of Jesus Christ. While Jesus saves, He also kills. John’s vision of Jesus in Revelation 19 reveals that Jesus will come as a judge and His judgment will come in the form of destruction, devastation and death.


This section begins with ‘after these things’ looking back to God’s judgment of Babylon. His attention turns to heaven where he hears another ‘loud voice’ 20 times he heard this in the vision. There are a series of four ‘Hallelujah’s shouted from the multitude—at least the tribulation saints of 7:9—in heaven.

Hallelujah for judging the great harlot 1-2 God is praised for ‘salvation’ or deliverance here of His people from enemies. God is praised for ‘glory’ His moral excellence and the manifestation of that in this judgment using even antichrist to achieve His ends. God is also praised for His ‘power’ seen in His overthrow of this evil city. God’s ability was put on display and it provokes gratitude, reverence and trust. The reason for this outburst of praise vs 2 –God executed a true—fitting and a righteous—deserved judgment on this city—a city corrupting the earth with immorality. By destroying this city God avenged the blood of believers who died in her streets and alleys 18:6, 24.

Hallelujah for the permanent judgment of the harlot 3 God is praised a second time for the complete obliteration of the influence of this city never to rise again. Judgments to Sodom and Gomorrah and Edom were previews of this judgment (Gen 19:38; Isa 34:10). The smoke and the fire reveal the smoldering remains of Babylon’s permanent destruction. There will be no obstacles to the inauguration of God’s kingdom.

Hallelujah affirms God’s judgment 4 The 24 elders and 4 living creatures affirm praise for God’s judgments—both human and angelic praise from around the throne. “Amen”—yes so be it—affirms their approval and support of this praise.

Hallelujah for God reigns 5-6 A voice from the throne calls for added praise from all God’s servants—those that fear Him especially since it is God’s judgment in view here. This call is to everyone not matter their class or status! So a great multitude vs 6 together praise God and this praise is due to the fact that the ‘Lord our God the Almighty reigns”—looking forward to what is about to happen when Jesus Christ returns. While we should live at peace as much as possible with all men never taking revenge—we must ‘leave room for the wrath of God for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord…(Rom 12:`18-10) and praise Him for His salvation, glory and power revealed in and through His judgments. That is how they think in heaven and so we on earth.


Prepare yourself by good works 7-8 The last event in heaven before Christ returns is the bema seat—the place of works judgment for believers of church age. This is the marriage of the Lamb where Christ the bridegroom (Mt 9:15; 22:2-14; 25:1-13; Lk 14:15-24) takes His bride—the church (19:9, 3:20, 21:2, 9, 22:17; Jn 3:29, 2 Cor 11:2, Eph 5:25-32) where this marriage takes place in heaven since we will return with Him vs 14. His bride has made herself ready for this with fine clothes bright and clean given to her vs 8. This fine linen John interprets to be ‘the righteous acts of the saints”—that is having gone thru her judgment and been rewarded (Eph 2:9-10).

A supper and worship 9-10 This marriage supper of the Lamb suggests that all redeemed of all ages will be present for this supper which most likely takes place during the millennium celebrating the union of Christ and His people. This wedding supper becomes a parable picture of the entire 1000 age and many will be invited to come—some accept others reject so invitation goes to the Gentiles and many of them included here as well Israel. This incredible news moved John to fall in worship but the angel forbid this since nature & purpose of prophecy is to testify of Jesus only! 3. WE WILL RETURN WITH JESUS TO THE EARTH 11-21

Here John sees three things:

Sees Jesus return 11-16 Now heaven is open not just a door open 4:1. A white horse rider with 4 names all pointing to Jesus (1) faithful—trustworthy and true—real messiah. He comes to righteously judge and war! 1st coming to save and serve on a donkey. His eyes see thru all pretenses vs 12 and he bears a royal crown signaling many victories accumulated no longer one with thorns. (2) the name only he knew—indescribable, unfathomable, multi-faceted we wonder and awed by Him. The blood stained garments speak of the blood of His foes those already conquered and the ones about to be. Jesus associated with the blood of salvation and the blood of death and judgment. (3) Word of God—(Jn 1:1, 14) the expression of God’s mind and heart—the prophecies and the revelation of God’s Word to us. He comes with that authority and knowledge. We, too, will come with Him as part of His army vs 14. We will have no sword or spears but noncombatant supporters as Jesus wages war single-handedly. Christ will strike down nations with a piercing word and He will also rule them with an inflexible rod—justice will reign supreme. The fierce wrath of God will be executed across the earth—a piercing and inflexible and vengeful wrath that these enemies must drink. (4) King and Lord—here is universal sovereignty with complete authority to punish rebels evildoers.

Sees angel shouting 17-18 This second supper is the Lamb calling the birds to gorge themselves on the fallen carcasses of the armies. One a joyful supper vs 7—this a judgment supper. This is the battle of Armageddon 16:16 and it stresses the greatness of God’s instant victory here.

Sees beast and false prophet seized 19-21 Here is the climax--even while enemy armies assembled against Christ and us vs 19 the leaders are seized by Christ—the beast antichrist and the false prophet—the one whose demonic activity deceived those who received mark of beast and worshipped his image. They will become first inhabitants of lake of fire—place of eternal torment and separation from God. Evil cannot never be reformed it can only be rooted out. All unbelievers are killed and await their final judgment 20:11-15. Only believers left on earth. Rev 14:18-20 says blood up to horses bridles for 200 miles.   (1) Don’t teach or proclaim a Jesus who does not judge. Compassion and mercy are works of God but they are not attributes because they can come to an end. Judgment and vengeance are also works of God. Attributes of God are character descriptions of God which are always true and they never come to an end. Works of God are things He sometimes does but they come to an end.

(2) don’t teach of proclaim a Jesus who gives comfort in this life without also proclaiming that He is coming to judge he world. Jesus saves, but He also kills.