1000 Years of Peace, Then War, Then Judgment

Revelation 20

Jerry A Collins




*      What is the purpose of Satan’s binding?

*      What difference will the 1000 year reign of Christ make?

*      What is the relationship between the great white throne and the 2nd death?


Growing up in the sixties and seventies I heard many songs that spoke of the necessity of love and peace for mankind. ‘What the world needs now is love sweet love’ ‘War is not the answer’ ‘the answer is blowing in the wind’ ‘war huh what is it good for absolutely nothing’ and so many many others. We do long for a world of peace, love, respect and justice. Our songs reflect that. Many passages in the Bible indicate that a reign of peace and justice on earth will follow the second coming of Christ (Ps 2; 24; 72; 96; Isa 2; 9:6-7; 11-12; 63:1-6; Jer 23:5-6; 30:8-11; Eze 40ff; Dan 2:44; 7:13-14; Hosea 3:4-5; Amos 9:11-15; Micah 4:1-8; Zeph 3:14-20; Zech 8:1-8; 14:1-9; Mt 19:28; 25:31-46; Acts 15:16-18; Rom 11:25-27; Jude 14-15; Rev 2:25-28). The world will get what it longs for when Jesus comes to reign here.


5 times in these verses John tells us of this 1000 year period of time.

Satan will be bound 1-3 This millennial age is a rule of divine righteousness. It is also God’s final test of fallen humanity under the most ideal circumstances. So all outward sources of temptation must be removed so that man can show what he is apart from satanic influence. So an angel with a key to the abyss and a great chain takes hold of Satan who is called by four names. (1) Dragon 12:3-4, 7, 9, 13, 16-17; 13:2, 4, 11; 16:13 (2) the serpent of old—the first time we are told in Bible that the serpent of the garden of Eden is Satan. (3) Devil 2:10; 12:9, 12. (4) Satan 2:9, 13, 24; 3:9; 12:9. No longer will the world be Satan’s domain as it is now. The angel binds him with this chain, casts him into this abyss, shuts it and seals it over Satan for this 1000 year period. Jesus tomb was also sealed but He got out. The reason for this binding is to curb Satan’s deceptive influence over the nations of the earth. Satan will not get out until the 1000 year reign completed. When he is released it will only be for a short time and for a specific purpose. Satan will never be reformed or redeemed.

Thrones and resurrection 4-6 When this reign begins John sees thrones and people on them giving judgment, possibly faithful believers who returned with Christ 19:14 receive authority from Him and take charge of the earth under Christ’s rule. John then sees souls of ones beheaded 17:6; 18:24 because of (1) testimony of Jesus (2) word of God (3) not worshipped the beast of his image (4) had not received mark of beast on forehead or hand. They are resurrected and join us as we reign with Christ on the earth. In contrast with these resurrections (Bride and Trib saints) the unbelieving dead of every age are not resurrected yet vs 5—not until the 1000 yr reign is completed. This ‘first’ resurrection refers to all believers of every age even though heir resurrections will be at different times. Various groups of the righteous will experience resurrection at various times and all of it is part of the first resurrection in contrast to a second resurrection where God will raise all of the wicked at one time—at the end of the millennium vs 12-13. The times God raises believers as part of this 1st resurrection are (1) xians at the rapture 1 thess 4:13-18 (2) trib believers at beginning of 1000 yr reign (3) Ot believers most likely at same time  Isa 26:19-21; Eze 37:12-14; Job 19:25; Dan 12:1-3). (4) 1000 yr believers who die during 1000 yr cf vs 12-13 & 1 Cor 15:23. These are blessed (favored) and holy (set apart) for the 2nd death has no power over them—that is the lake of fire. Jesus last enemy he abolishes is death 1 Cor 15:26. So the 1st resurrection delivers believers from the lake of fire. This blessing includes being priests of God and Christ—unlimited access & intimate relationship with God. These will reign with Him during this 1000 yr period. The overcomers of Rev 2:11, 26-27; 3:5, 21 have promises of reigning fulfilled here indicating some of our rewards involve serving with Christ during this age. (1) This reign from God the Father’s view is public earthly honoring of His Son where men dishonored Him. (2) From Christ’s view He receives the Kingdom He is expecting and reigns. (3) From saint’s view all of us from every age come together resurrected and enjoy this reign. (4) From nations under a rod-iron rule with peace at last enforced but real with worship centered in Jerusalem. (5) From creations view it will be delivered from the bondage of corruption Rom 8:20-22 with abundant productivity & animal kingdom changed so it loses its venom and fierceness. Longevity restored & no oppression. 2. THE FINAL JUDGMENT OF SATAN AND UNBELIEVERS

When believers are taken at the rapture the Trib begins with all unbelievers tho many quickly believe. At 2nd coming all unbelievers taken and 1000 yr begins with all believers tho people born many unbelievers. So people during 1000 have a sin nature—need to be saved. Outward conformity to Christ’s law necessary but with Satan bound & many temptations removed because of Christ’s righteous reign a test to determine true heart condition necessary—tests God often took in the past. Even a righteous reign and all blessings does not change heart.

Satan released 7-10 Immediately nations are deceived from all over the earth coming with antagonism against God as Gog and Magog (ruler and the people in rebellionj against God enemies of Israel in Eze 38) did—that is for purpose of war. They want to get him. Interesting that world wanting peace and then having it wages war as soon as has chance. War will always be with us! An army so large compared to sands of seashore—a worldwide rebellion here. Once again marching against Jerusalem 19:19 vs 9. Fire comes from heaven and like end of Trib the unbelievers are put to death. Satan then cast into lake of fire previously prepared for him and his angels Mt 25:41. The final end of this slanderer. A lake of fire and brimstone where false prophet and beast still are 1000 yrs later tormented forever and ever consciously not annihilated.

Great White Throne 11-15 This is a sovereign throne where everything is justly considered and decided. Not arbitrary or capricious. This throne stands alone vs 11—none of the things of earth will distract. No place is found for homes, wardrobes, cars, collections. Just a person standing alone in presence of his/her judge. Does not mater how long a person has been dead or condition of their body or location of it—all came forth 12-13. ‘Hades’ is place where unrighteous await judgment lk 16. Does not matter persons importance or significance or lack of any on earth. There is no partiality with God Rom 2:11. Evidence is found in books. A book of life 13, 15 opened and only way to escape this judgment is to have your name in it and only way to do that is to believe vs 15—it is the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain Rev 13:8. A book of deeds opened twice judged according to deeds 12-13. Think of all we can store today on a disk and God will have His data on each one there. Mt 12:36 every careless word Rom 2:16 God will judge he secrets of men-every thot, act, moment, everything. It’s all recorded to determine degree of punishment. So death—the ending of physical lfe & hades—where spirit of people awaiting judgment are both cast into lake of fire. These last signs of human rebellion against God destroyed vs 14. Death has 3 stages spiritual, physical, second. This is the final judgment of spirit and then mankind.   (1) Everyone has a bodily resurrection—both believers and unbelievers good and bad great and small. (2) All judgments based on works or deeds both for believers and unbelievers—one to determine level of reward and the other punishment. (3) Eternity in presence of God or fire determined by where name is.