God has Taken Care of Everything

Ephesians 1:7-14


Jerry A Collins



v     What does Jesus blood do for us?

v     What kind of inheritance do we have?

v     What has the HS done for our future and us?


Christians are the most fortunate people. God has determined that we would have every conceivable blessing. God has taken care of everything. Nothing has been left to chance. Our destiny is secure. Our lives changed. Our salvationcertain. Our hope real. I like it when everything has been taken care of. I do not have to do anything but enjoy what has been provided. Sometimes I fantazise about a life like that. When I turn into the driveway to see my lawn cut and beds trimmed. To just call and have every little repair done. I do not have to look at that bent pipe again or disorganized garage I am reminded of every time I need to find a tool. The oil changed and car cleaned. All I have to do is come home, park, get out, walk in, change my clothes and enjoy. Where everything is taken care of. Well, that is exactly what God has done for us. We contributed nothing. God compelled us to be saved. The greatest blessing we have is that God has chosen us for salvation vs 4. He made that choice before the world began. This choice means that eventually we will stand before God without a single defect or blemish. God alone is responsible for our salvation. He planned to adopt us into His family simply for his own good pleasure. But God has also taken care of some other things and that is the subject of these verses.


Even though we have a prepared destiny it is just as true that we are sinners totally dependent on the redemption price paid by Christís blood. So understand that your sin is real and will keep you from God and heaven without the redemption of Christ.

First, our redemption is defined in terms of forgiveness 7 The idea of redeeming is delivering by ransom. The object of redeeming is sinónot Satan. We have been delivered from slavery to sin not bondage to Satan. We have been liberated by the paying of a ransom by Christ. Our redemption is further defined by the forgiveness of our trespasses. This is the immediate result. We are released from moral guilt and just punishment for sins or here, trespasses, emphasizing the breaking of Godís standard. We step over the righteous boundaries of God. So we are forgiven that.

Second, the instrument of our redemption is the blood of Jesus. Sin cannot be set aside lightly. It requires sacrifice from heavens vantage point. So Jesus became a substitute sacrifice and his blood refers to his death on the cross as a sacrifice for sin. Paying for sin is a bloody thing. Israel was a witness to this every time they offered a sacrifice in Jerusalem. We do so at communion.

Third, our redemption is by means of our Fatherís vast resources of grace. An incredibly inexhaustible wealth of undeserved favor God has lavished upon us vs 8a makes our deliverance possible. So our redemption, which came at the price of Christís blood, is evidence of Godís grace.

1. Forgiveness is essential if we are to participate with God in eternity.

2. Sin is costly and by nature sin is offensive and repugnant.

3. Grace allows sin to be paid for and salvation to be received.


God has told us the secret of what He intends to do. †††††

First, the reason He reveals this secret is because He is going to do something good for us 8-9. Godís grace extended to us brings with it insight into Godís plan for the future. This is only possible because God revealed it by special revelation. No one could have figured this out. God made known to us the mystery of His will. He did not keep it to Himself. The whole point of revealing this new information is for our benefit. It comes from the kind intention of Godís heart. This intention was centered in Jesus Christ and is fully occupied with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the center of the Fatherís affection. Anyone associated with Christ is also at the center of the Fatherís affection.

Second, that secret is an arrangement to unite everything together in Christ 10. So Christ will head the whole of creation, both in heaven and on earth, both spiritual and material. The OT prophets described such a kingdom regularly as a Jewish one ruled by the Messiah with justice and peace and taught by the HS centered in the temple in Jerusalem. This is not the world we see today or have ever seen ion this church age. We seem to be headed for the world described in Rev 18 as a wealthy and immoral world centered in the anti-christís Babylon. A world destroyed by the tribulationjudgmentsofthe wrath of God and the Second Coming of Christ. But in Rev 20:1-10 John does describe such a kingdom as a 1000 yr reign of Christ on when all things in heaven and earth are summed up in Christ. It was Godís good pleasure to reveal this to us. We should then see our lives as a preparation for possible service in that final kingdom on earth.


Besides a roll in the future earthly kingdom, we also have our own future heaven inheritance as part of the glory of Christ.

First, we are one of the groups destined to obtain an inheritance 11-13. The basis of this inheritance for all of us is the purposeful planning of God 11a. God resolved to bring each person he purposed into this inheritance. That includes Jews and Gentiles. Godís sovereign will sees to it that all things are accomplished according to the counsel of His will. God appointed each of us to be in His plan for the church. So Jewish believers vs 12, those who were the first to hope in Christ, (Acts 1-2), should come into this inheritance not for their benefit, but for the glory of Godóunto the praise of His glory. All of this is for the recognition or approval of Godís perfect attributes or qualities. Isnít it interesting that we live in a world only interested of stripping God of any glory whatsoever. That is the kind of World Satan wants. If he cannot get glory he will se to it as far as possible that God gets none. But God has already predetermined that He will get it and so will His Son, Jesus Christ. Gentiles also when they heard the gospel and believed 13a, also were guaranteed an inheritance. We have equal privilege in Christ.

Second, we can be confident we will have this inheritance 13b-14. One of the reasons we can be sure is that God has sealed the deal. When we heard the gospel and believed we were then sealedóstamped as Godís property with the HS. Listening would not be enoughóthere must be believing. Then sealing by the promise of the HS (Jn 14:16)óone of 33 things that happen when we believe. Another reason to be sure is the HS given as a pledge vs 14. The HS is the guarantee that we will receive our spiritual inheritance of salvation and heaven. We do not get ourselves saved and neither do we keep ourselves saved. Both are the work of God. I am secure in my salvation because of the work of God to secure it and guarantee it. How long are we secure? Until the redemption of the possession 14b. Until we have it fully.So we should also be preparing ourselves for heaven. Our eternal confidence is not in our performance but in the sealing of the HS. All to the praise of His glory. In other words, Godís plan for the ages is for His good pleasure and we are part of that plan for the purpose of His glory which is the accomplishing of His good pleasure.