Definition: To proclaim or put forth a message.



Definition: The teaching or revelation of Jesus Christ.


Go into the world and proclaim the revelation of Jesus Christ.


Proclaim the revelation of Jesus Christ


Acts 13:1-5 NIV

QUESTION: They were in the Jewish synagogues.  Was the Word of God being proclaimed before Barnabas and Paul arrived?

Ÿ  What did the Jews believe about Jesus?

Ÿ  They were looking for a worldly king.

Ÿ  What did they (Jews) do to Jesus?

Ÿ  Crucified him.


Acts 13:6-12 NIV

Ÿ  What is a proconsul?

Ÿ  An appointed position serving 1 term as a governor.

Ÿ  They start as a consul and then can be promoted to governor.

Ÿ  Ref: Term we use for the U.S. presence in other countries at the U.S. conulate.

Ÿ  An intelligent man.

Ÿ  Why would an INTELLIGENT  man, especially a proconsul, be using a sorcerer and false prophet as an attendant?

Ÿ  Refer back to verse 2. [2] While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them."

Ÿ  The Holy Spirit / Jesus, chose Barnabas and Paul to go and "preach the gospel for this specific instance for a reason. The proconsul was a very influential person. People looked to him for his intelligence and guidance. So when he witnessed the power of God through the message about Jesus and also witnessed what the hand of the Lord (Jesus) did to prove a point, he believed.

Ÿ  The teaching about the Lord / Jesus is powerful and the Spirit of Jesus does the work in the minds and hearts of the hearer.


Acts 13:13-41

Ÿ  As we read through verses 13 through 41 we see a beautiful example of going in to the world and "PREACHING THE GOSPEL."

Ÿ  We must understand a couple very important things about "PREACHING THE GOSPEL."



1.       The Holy Spirit does the work. He sends us "on our way." See verse 4.

        [4] The two of them, sent on their way by the Holy Spirit,

2.     We need to know the story or history of the promised Savior, Jesus.

3.     This passage of Acts, especially verses 13 through 41 is that story.


Ÿ  Another passage that could be used as an addendum to these verses would be

             GENESIS CHAPTER 3.

Ÿ  This is the story of man's sin and how it separates us from God. God is perfect and can't know sin or associate with it or anyone that is.

Ÿ  You don't need to know the exact scripture word for word. But you should know the account in scripture and be able to put it into a historic story.

Ÿ  Just like Paul did when he was in the Synagogue.

Ÿ  God / Jesus will do the work.

Ÿ  Jesus will do the calling.

Ÿ  At that point we have done what Jesus asks of us to "GO AND PREACH / TEACH THE GOSPEL. THE  ACCOUNT OF JESUS."


Acts 13 : 42 - 52

o  So what does this all mean for us?

o  Know the scripture. The story or account of Jesus.

o  God / Jesus has called us.

o  Pray, pray, pray for guidance and power from His Spirit.

o  Tell people the story.

o  Let the Spirit / Jesus do the calling.

o  Be filled with JOY AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

o  YES! It is worth it!!!!!