JOHN: The Gospel Of Heartfelt Belief

Saying Goodbye In Peace

John 14:27-31

Jerry A. Collins



Dealing with people and their problems highlights two concerns. The first is that they have a problem that is troubling them for which they want a solution. The second concern are the emotions attached to their problem that produce anxiety, anger, fear and others that get in the way of their ability to reason through the problem and apply God’s Word to it. If you go to a doctor he may give you a tranquilizer to produce a chemical peace. Or if to a psychologist, he may advise escapism to lose yourself in activity in the mountains or on the beaches. Of course, when you return from your chemical peace or your escapism, the trouble is still there. This is the kind of peace that the world can offer you. Temporary, fix-it, escapism. There is a better way.


The most striking thing through all the events of the last week of Jesus life on earth is the serenity with which Jesus moves through them. He is always in charge. It is this peace that we are to under the influence of. Here Jesus is making His living will which we all do before we die. His soul to the Father, body to Joseph, clothes to soldiers, mother to John, to disciples and us His peace!

(1) Jesus peace is our inheritance. Peace with God. Peace in God. Peace of God. It is placed in us. It is our legacy.

(2) Not the kind the world gives. It is a peace under any circumstances of life. If you are all upset about something that keeps eating away at you then you only have the worlds peace. Jesus peace is not affected by events. It is internal and not subject to external pressures. Imparted to us is the consciousness that the One who indwells us is able to handle anything that comes our way and that gives us peace. The world will tell you to change your circumstances. Get out from underneath what bothers you any way you can where everything around you becomes peaceful again. Jesus says I give you my peace right now in the middle of your distresses, confusion, concern, difficulty, hardship, fear. My peace will serve you right there!

(3) What use should we make of it? Do not be troubled or fearful! You do not have to be all upset and bothered because you have a sufficient basis for confidence if you will act on it. You have a basic relationship that changes everything in your life. Out of that relationship comes the guarantee that He is working out His purposes.

(4) Jesus knows we will need His peace. Life brings all kinds of unexpected surprises that will require Jesus peace to be engaged in our lives. I remember the day I discovered information completely unknown to me before that meant my days in London were numbered. Initially I was shocked and numbed by what I had discovered and understood that a unfair and underhanded process had been established to discredit me. Fear, anxiety, confusion, despair enshrouded me. However, the peace of Christ made a move in my heart and eventually I was able to compose myself and in the grip of Jesus peace graciously make my exit that I look back upon realizing Gods hand after the fact. Jesus peace can do that for you. He has left us for us. We must engage it through the influence of the HS in our lives.


Jesus comforted Himself about His leaving the disciples.

(1) Tho He is going away He will come again. He encouraged Himself with this in the midst of His own sufferings and death. We must comfort ourselves in the same way. We go away to come again. Our leave from our friends and family is only temporary not final and Jesus comforted Himself with this knowledge.

(2) Tho He is going away, he is going to the Father. Looking on the bright side of His departure will bring joy to their hearts. The rejoicing is the result of Jesus returning to His father with the status He had before coming to earth and taking on humanity. That placed limitation upon Him, like the display of His regality as the Son of God. Jesus was always God the Son while here on earth. His coming here, though, meant that He had to clothe Himself in humility, servanthood, sin and death. His Father never did that and consequently the Father was greater than the Son during this period of time because He had retained all of His regal majesty in the heavens. But Jesus return to the Father meant receiving all of that back again. Those limitations are going to be over and I can now deliver you from agony, weakness and fear when the Spirit comes to take residence in your life. I will be able to do what I could not do in the days I was in the flesh. I will be closer to you in Muskegon Michigan in the 21st century than I was with my disciples when I walked the hills of Galilee with them!

(3) Tho He is going away His going will confirm our faith 29

Here we learn that all of the things Jesus foretold and predicted about Himself would come to pass. When this does, after their initial shock, it would greatly help their faith. All of these things they will see were for a divine purpose. Oftentimes, we only know after the fact, when we can look back at all that has transpired, what Gods purposes were being worked out. At the time I had no idea or very little. Only God knows the details. Yet, sometimes God lets me see the tapestry he has woven when I can look back and see what He has done. In those moments we are humble and amazed at our God and His commitment to our greater good. Jesus knew this and His heart was not troubled.


(1) It motivates us in spite the hardship our obedience produces. Jesus knew He was going to have an encounter with Satan vs 30. Even know Satan was at work in Judas and thru Judas and ahead lay Gethsamane’s agony, the betrayal, the illegal trials, the mocking soldiers, taunting Jews, the blood, pain, humiliation, shame and death. He is at peace with His Fathers plan for Him even tho He knew what that plan entailed. We must have that peace too even tho we do not know what His plan entails.

(2) It motivates us because we love God vs 31. When we want to please our Heavenly Father, we will be motivated by the peace that produces. Off of our circumstances and getting closest to His heart!