Setting the World Aside

Deuteronomy 7

Jerry A Collins




v        How close are you living to the world?

v        Do you ever fight against the influence of the world?

v        How is your fight against sin revealed in your life?


During the four years of World War 1 casualties on the western front amounted to 2,250 dead and 5,000 wounded every day! On all fronts of the war 5,400 died and 14,500 were wounded or maimed every day. 3,300,000 died on the western front alone, while 8,400,000 died total, 6,300,000 civilians were killed and 21,500,000 people were wounded or permanently maimed from the war. The widows and orphans from the war were staggering. In one battle alone, the Meuse-Argonne, 26,000 American men were killed. In his book, Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour, Joseph Perisco chronicles the last six hours of the war, after the armistice had already been signed when nearly 2,800 soldiers died and nearly 11,000 were wounded, men who were fighting in a war already decided. Senseless deaths in a senseless war. Yet, there is a kind of war that is necessary and urgent. It is illustrated for us by the Israelites going to war to get rid of foreigners in their own land. A war to remove the influence of an unbelieving world that would tempt them to follow. So what makes for a good war—one that has a godly purpose and outcome?


God called His people to acknowledge he as true God and to be completely loyal while in Canaan but the influence there would tempt them away so this is what they must do about it.

1 Clear away nations before you These 7 nations are more powerful and numerous—some list less and some more. Point is a full complement of foes exist all offspring of Canaan Gen 10:15-19 wicked and perverse. So they must go to war to get rid of foreigners in their own land—not to go outside of their land to do this. Islam destroys people in other lands they are conquering but Israel’s wars not to convert other nationalities to their religion. Islamic wars to spread their religion to other nationalities. Islamic goal to conquer whole world for Islam. These 7 under a death sentence because (1) They persisted in hatred of God 7:10. They have had 400 years to repent-heard of working of Israel’s God and knew of deliverance from enemies other side of Jordan but persisted to resist, rebel and disregard. (2) They were a moral cancer and left in the land would pollute Israel—even one left alive potential for introducing idolatry and immorality then destruction upon Israel too.

2-5, 16 Defeat, destroy and deny

(1) Utterly destroy them 2 Today we make disciples of all nations, love our enemies not destroy them.

(2) Make no Covt. 2  (3) Show no favor 2  Today we show favor to others over ourselves

(4) No intermarry—they will turn sons away from God to idols 3-4  In church we can marry other races—this point not unbelievers but nationalities since nation of Israel.

(5) Tear down idols 5 Today we are to tear down within our own influence things represent foreign gods. So complete removal of them for warned their influence will destroy you vs 5. These religious objects might arouse slightest curiosity. Determine to have victory over sin in your life but don’t stop there. Press on to totally destroy the sin, it’s context, and it’s source of temptation. Leaving any influence in the land, these will never admit or agree or cooperate with your opposing sinful activity. They will support the sinners and so will those who have a worldly influence in your life. Then you will not make spiritual progress but endanger yourself under God’s discipline and judgment.


6-11 You are God’s possession First, there was no intrinsic value in the Israelites that affected God’s choosing of them. Her small size vs 7-8 meant God had to intervene to protect her. She could never have done that on her own. So he made an oath were her forefathers, executed it with a powerful hand redeeming them, paying the price to deliver them from slavery. So God’s election of them could never be a source of pride to the—even though it became source of pride for them in Jesus day and Rom 9-11. Second, they were holy and chosen because the Lord loved them vs 8. This love is a mystery since not motivated by any goodness in the nation. He also kept the oath He swore to forefather’s so God is God who keeps His covenant. They could rely upon that. God did not chose us because we were richer, more talented, American but did so because He wanted a people for His own possession. He wants to own you. He loves us for reasons He has not  declared.  He  keeps  all  of  His promises that all who receive Christ will have eternal life. Abe Covt like our salvation—unconditional. Mosaic Covt like xian life—if keep commandments will be rewarded and blessed and if not disciplined and loss of reward even tho still saved. So keep the commandments of God vs 11.


13-16 Honors revealed The OT blessing for Israel is earthly and geographical. It meant they would have more children and the ground would be productive for them 13-14. This would include removing sickness 15. So the blessings are physical and in the land—just the opposite for the church. None of the blessings for church are on the earth. They are not physical. They are spiritual and are in heaven. God is telling Israel if they obey, God will make things better for them in the land. If failed to obey they would be ensnared by evil influence and that would jeapordize their blessing.

17-21 Remember God’s past faithfulness for encouragement Moses knew heart of Israel 40 yrs earlier when their hearts melted so puts the upcoming battles in perspective. If they doubt then remember what happened in the past. Israel could expect history to be repeated—this time with the Canaanites. This section begins with doubt and ends with fear vs 21 with reminder God in their midst. No need for weak faith. Look to God not troubles.

22-26 Deliverance over time God will run the nations out from before them but not all at once. All would happen according to a well-conceived plan, little by little. Not allowed to destroy Canaanites totally until hey had grown large enough numerically to care for the land adequately. So this gradual extermination would be hard for them since temptations to idolatry would abound. This better than sudden annihilation of enemies because then land becomes wild and unmanageable. Also, true for us that God may not be driving all your enemies away from you because they may be doing something god for you which you are unaware of. All gold and silver under a ban to be destroyed put only to use for God. So we should not make defiling alliances with unbelievers since they pursuing life apart from god and their influences oppose God. Don’t covet these.

(1) Completely remove all influence of the unbelieving world. This mite be done by evaluating all our worldly influences and condemning them. One way is never become business partner with unbelievers 1-6. (2) Don’t say things which sound like you approve of sinful acts common among unbelievers 1-6.  (3) Don’t marry unbelievers 2 Cor 6:14ff is NT application of this 1-6.  (4) We should over time verbally tear down, openly criticize, the world’s false beliefs, mystical practices with our children, our extended families, our disciples.  (5) Be motivated to holiness by God’s love for you and your desire to love God back.  (6) Don’t hamper your holiness by worldly influences hanging around because they will never agree nor support your stance for holiness but instead support the sin. Doing the right thing is not going to be easy.  (7) Carefully plan your strategy in your war with sinful influence. Pray but also change yourself and your strategy toward the problem.