What is Your Name?

SCC 11/6/11 Luke 8:26-39


1. Jesus encounters a demon-possessed man 26-27


The occasion for the exorcism is the landing onshore after the storm.                                                          


But (shift) when Jesus lands he encounters a certain demon possessed man.           

            And this man had no clothing on (he was naked)

            and is not living in a house

                        BUT living in the tombs. (Transition to a new thot)

The story centers in the city even though the incident is in the country. He is from the city v 27 and this incident was reported in the city v 34 and witnessed about in the entire city v 39. So we can conclude that Jesus ministry can impact many even through just one. Also, notice the connection between the underworld and cemeteries or places of death.


2. The demon possessed man requests not to be tormented 28-29


But (shift) seeing Jesus the man cries out and falls down and asks a question and makes a request.                       And says in a loud voice,

                        Question: What do I have to do with you, Jesus, Son of the Most High God?

                        Request:   I beg You, do not torment me.


            The reason for this question and request is Jesus has been commanding the spirit to leave.

                        The reason for asking the spirit to leave is because the demon seized the man many times.

                                    and he was kept in chains and shackles

                                    and kept under guard

                                    and would break shackles and be driven to desert by the demon.

1. The demons fear what Jesus can do to them—His presence and power. He can stop them.

2. Demons strive to control and destroy and fearful of the judgment of God. It is interesting that the demons fearful of torment have no qualms about tormenting this man!

3. Demons know Jesus identity and testify to His majesty—His superiority and authority.


3. The demons request permission to enter swine 30-33


But (shift) Jesus asked him a question, ‘What is your name’?                                                                      

            Legion, because many demons had entered him.


            And the demons were imploring him,

                        The purpose for imploring Jesus was in order that He not command them into the abyss.

(2 Peter 2:4: For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but threw them into hell and locked them up in chains in utter darkness, to be kept until the judgment.)

1. Demons fear restriction on freedom to do their destructive work. Jesus can keep them from doing evil.

2. Demons fear disembodiment. To be dispossessed of a body is torment.

3. Demons can more fully manifest themselves thru bodies by using vocal cords for instance rather than animals.


But (shift) there was a herd of swine                                                            

            and they implored him

                        The purpose for imploring Jesus was in order that Jesus permits them to enter the swine

            and he permitted them. (Jesus listened to demons and even Satan but would not be tempted)


But the demons came out of the man and entered into the swine                                        

            and they rushed the herd down the mountain and into the lake

            and they were drowned.


4. Herdsmen relate the incident and the people respond fearfully to the exorcism 34-37


But (shift) the herdsmen witnessed this and they fled                                                         

            and reported it in the city

            and reported it in the country.


But (shift) the people went out to see            and verify the incident                                                          

            and they came to Jesus

            and they found the man seated at the feet of Jesus

            and clothed and of sound mind

                        AND THEY WERE AFRAID!

PT: How can the people be more frightened of Jesus than the demoniac? How can people fear the Son of God for doing good more than fearing demons for doing evil? The demoniac and the Gerasene-dwellers share one thing in common in our text—a fear of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both “fears” are of the same kind.  


But (shift) those witnessing the exorcism explained to the people what had happened.                  


            and the people all around the area asked Jesus to leave                                

                        because they were gripped with great fear.                                   

But (shift) Jesus entered the boat and left the area.

(What a sorry conclusion this is. Their only hope and their only response is to be threatened by his deliverance. The Jews on the other side of the lake will respond the same way. If God were to expose His life to our hands, He would not be safe for a second. We would not ignore Him; we would destroy Him. God in the hand of angry sinners)   


5. Jesus instructs the former demonic to witness of God’s great work 38-39


But (shift) the man was making an appeal to go with Jesus.                                     


But (shift) Jesus told him return home and witness of Gods great work                  

            and he went away proclaiming to entire city what Jesus had done.



1. Jesus kingdom is opposed by destructive spiritual forces determined to undermine the work of God.

2. People would rather heed the destructive nature of darkness than submit to life-giving ministry of Christ. John says that his own did not receive him. Jesus said men love darkness rather then light. Men who wish to persist in their sin do not welcome God’s arrival. Even in the Tribulation men will know it is God’s judgment but curse God and do not repent 16:8. Men’s hearts are continuously evil. God represents the highest possible threat to our sinful desires. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it

3. Faith in Christ is the only turn around. No matter what Satan may promise, the demoniac is a shocking demonstration of what he delivers. It is only when freed by the liberating power of Jesus Christ that a man can be what he wants to be, what he ought to be, fully human, fully forgiven, worshipping at

the feet of Jesus. Faith in Christ replaces an unholy fear of God.