If Jesus asked you

Who is the one who touched me?

SCC 11/13/11 Luke 8:43-48

INTRODUCTION The gospels in every teaching and in every episode teach something about Jesus and something about how his disciples should live.

1. People in desperate situations require Jesus supernatural ability for remedy 42-44


The reason for requesting on behalf of his daughter is that she is near death.

The reason for Jarius entreaty is his only daughter is dying v 40-41. A 12 year old girl would be approaching marriageable age and entering the prime of life for a child bearing woman. But the precious daughter is not well.

But now as he went the crowds pressed him.

Jesus decides to go but has an encounter that delays his progress and adds to the drama related to the girl’s sickness. He just learns she is beginning to die or near death. But as a result of the following delay she dies v 49. Lessons here:

1. Hoping God can work; interruptions and delays can make all seem to be lost.

2. God will do his work in his own timing. One can be amazed at how God works and the timing he uses.

3. God’s ability to work must be relied upon even when interruptions and delays make it hopeless.

(Here Luke sets the stage for the miracle of the woman with the issue of blood. The crowds of people in both vs 40 and 42 are pressing him. The crowds are crushing Jesus. There are many demands upon his time, schedule, and energy. Jesus ministry is well documented.)


and a woman who had a hemorrhage for 12 years was unable to be healed by anyone.

Apparently some type of female hemorrhage is a source of continual embarrassment. Her sensitive condition might explain her hesitancy to ask Jesus publicly for help. Specific efforts had been made to treat her but no one could. Mark 5:26 notes that she had suffered at the hands of physicians and spent all her money. She was worse not better as a result. The point is that she had suffered this condition for a long time and could not get help.


she came up behind him          (aorist ptc)

Her approach from behind is an attempt at trying to avoid any public action and to remain inconspicuous due to her issue of blood and her uncleanness.

she touched the fringe of his garment  (aorist mid)


immediately her hemorrhage stopped.            (aorist act)

She is immediately healed of something she had for years, embarrassed and unclean, that no one could solve for her. Years of agony and embarrassment are reversed in one brief touch. So coming to Jesus when in desperate straits pays off because he has the power to address the need. When you become desperate enough—when you believe your need to defeat sin is total and not partial then you will come to God in faith and mobilize God to powerfully act.


2. Desperate people approach Jesus believing he has power to address their distressing need 45-46


and Jesus said, ‘who touched me?’     (aor ptc)

If he did know, then the point was to bring this woman to publicly and openly confess her immediate healing before all. She knew that he knew in v 47 and her worst nightmare had come true. Jesus knew what had happened and she would have to speak.

But while all were denying it Peter said         (pres mid)

            Master the crowds are pressing you    (pres act)


            the crowds are jostling.                       (pres act)

Peter and the disciples are amazed at Jesus request given the size and press of the crowd. This is the same word used to refer to pressing grapes. Peter is incredulous. It is clear that this woman’s touch felt different from the pressing crowd’s and distinct from the jostling they provided.


But Jesus said ‘someone touched me’                       

Jesus continues to press the issue. Even though Peter’s question does make sense, this was not a normal touch, since power had left him. Power for Luke is at the heart of what Jesus possesses in his relationship with the Father. This power is on display and it authenticates who he is.

For   Here is the reason he knew someone had touched him in a special way.

because he was aware ‘power had gone out of me’.  (perf ptc) FRONT GROUND PROMINENCE

The emphasis of the story is the power flowing from Jesus to heal. This is the point Luke wishes us to see. Throughout Jesus ministry the desire to touch Jesus and be healed was common (Mt 14:36 & Mk 6:56; Mk 3:10 & Luke 6:19). To touch his clothes was to have access to his power. Jesus possesses power and unique authority. Jesus has power and its display provides the opportunity for people to see God!


3. Desperate enough to approach Jesus by faith will mobilize Christ to meet your need 47-48


But when the woman saw       (aor ptc)

       that          she had not escaped notice

                        (1) she came trembling            (aor act)


                        (2) prostrated before him declared before all why she touched him  (aor ptc)


                        (3) testified how she was immediately healed. (aor pass)

Jesus persistence causes her to realize her actions were not hidden as she had hoped. She has been found out and her emotions get the best of her. First, she seems quite ready to tell her story once it is clear Jesus knows. Second, the testimony of Jesus miraculous work on her behalf flows freely. She tells all and notes her immediate healing. Faith has broken through timidity and embarrassment and has openly declared Jesus act before all present.


But he said to her,

            Daughter, your faith has healed you               (perf act) FRONT GROUND PROMINENCE

            go in peace.

Jesus affirms and encourages the fearful woman addressing her as daughter. He declares that her faith has brought her into salvation. The true people of God are being drawn to Jesus. Faith believes God’s capability to deliver through Jesus; belief in the spiritual action and power of the Almighty God. She is now to depart knowing that her relationship to God is restored. Peace here is a state that exists between the woman and God because of her faith. Such assurance for a woman who had been ceremonially unclean for 12 years would bring great comfort and encouragement.



1. These stories attest to Jesus power over forces from without (demons) or within (disease).

2. Faith, even timid faith, has significance mobilizing the power of God. While careful not to draw attention to herself she also knew Jesus could heal her. She eventually relied upon him.

3. Jesus is worthy of one’s trust as the Son of God because his power as God is absolute.

4. Without supernatural power Jesus is only a man and unable to deliver anyone from anything. Luke testifies that Jesus is also God able to deliver even desperate people in desperate need.