How Should we Deal with Evil Deeds and Evil Behavior Such as Terrorism?

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Evil and the Sovereignty of God

God says, Have you not heard? Long ago I did it; from ancient times I planned it. Now I have brought it to pass. 2 Kings 19:25. The Lord of hosts has sworn saying, ĎSurely just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will standí Isaiah 14:24-27.And all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, But He does according to His will in the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of earth; And no none can ward off His hand or say to Him, ĎWhat have You done?í Daniel 4:35. Behold, an ashen horse and he who sat on it had the name DeathÖand authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with pestilenceÖ Revelation 6:8.For God has put it in their hearts to execute His purposeÖuntil the words of God should be fulfilled Revelation 17:17. And the Lord said to Satan, ĎHave you considered My servant Job?.....And the Lord said to Satan, ĎBehold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him (Take his life) Job 1:8, 12.I am the Lord and there is no otherÖcausing well being and creating calamity, I am the Lord who does all these Isaiah 45:6-7.


Observation about Evil and the Sovereignty of God (Noticing what the author wrote)


1. Who is involved? God, who is executing His plan in a variety of ways through a variety of means. The inhabitants of the earth, who live with the consequences of the execution of Godís plans. Satan and the hosts of heaven and Job all involved in the execution of Godís plans.

2. What is happening? Godís plans are being executed, plans decided generations before they happened. Most of these plans have to do with evil deeds and evil behavior used by God to execute His plans.

3. Where is it taking place? Most of the plans are being fulfilled on earth even though they were planned in heaven or eternity.

4. Why is this included? Reasons are not given.
5. How is it carried out? God planned it. As God intends, so it will happen. As planned so it will stand. No one can ward off Godís plans or question Him. God has given executors of His plan the authority to do so. God has placed the execution of His plans in their hearts. God allowed Satan to harass Job. God is the cause of well being and creating calamity.

6. Anything repeated, contrasted, compared? God planned. Inhabitants of the earth (accounted as nothing and God does to them according to His will). Godís plans includes history, people, death, future, judgment, Satan, circumstances, all of which are impacted by Godís use of evil in execution of His plan.

7. Any commands, solutions, direction? God uses evil to execute His plans and accomplish His purposes for the world, history, the future, and our lives.

8. Summary: So God is sovereign over everything. Everything is part of Godís purpose, and all His purposes are carried out even using evil deeds and behavior to do so.


Subject: God sovereignly executes His purposes

Predicate: even using evil people, committing evil acts to fulfill them.

Big Idea: From Godís perspective all acts, even evil ones, are use to execute His plans. ††


Interpretation about Evil and the Sovereignty of God (Understanding what the author wrote)

1. 2 Kings 19:25Addressing Sennacherib in this prophecy, God said that king was not responsible for Assyriaís success. Instead God had ordainedÖplannedÖand brought to pass the conquering and destruction of Israel.

2. Isaiah 14:24-27 Godís plans to crush the Assyrians in his land will be executed because Godís sovereign control over all nations cannot disrupt those plans.

3. Daniel 4:35King Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged Godís irresistible willóGod does as He pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. He confesses that man is answerable to God, not God to man for no one can stop God nor has the right to question Him.

4. Revelation 6:8This passage says that authority was given to him that is, from God. So God caused the destruction of the Ashen Horse.

5. Revelation 17:17God stirred the hearts of this godless force to execute His purpose against the city of Babylon.

6. Job 1:8, 12God initiated the testing of Job by Satan by reminding Satan that while he has dominion over much of the world, Satan could not dominate Job. God uses Jobís suffering by Satan as a demonstration to silence Satan and elevate Jobís faith and worship of God. So Godís use of Satanís evil to harass Job is for a good purpose.

7. Isaiah 45:6-7As the sovereign Lord of the universe God can do anything. All that happens, life, death, prosperity and disaster comes from God.


Summary: From Godís perspective, all acts are part of His plan. So although all people are evil and commit evil acts, those are part of the god sovereign plan of God. Therefore, the results will ultimately bring about the good plan of God (Romans 8:28).


Application about Evil and the Sovereignty of God (Putting to use what the author intended)


(1) T or FAccidents happen.

False. From Godís perspective there is no such thing as a victim or an accident. Everything is part of Godís purpose and plan and all of these are carried out.


(2) T or FIf I get sick or someone hurts me or I hurt myself, God is responsible for it.

True. God never shies away from taking responsibility for our life situation (Job 2:3). The sovereignty of God means there are no accidents. God is responsible for every situation. The Bible does not say God does not cause everything. And every time the Bible refers to God and His plan, He takes full responsibility for everything.


(3) T or FIf I sin or make mistakes, I am responsible for those sins and mistakes.

True. God is not responsible for sin or mistakes because He commits neither (James 1:13). Both are in His plan because thatís a better plan. But God is responsible for the plan, not our sin or mistakes. For example, if a rabbit does not jump soon enough, he may be eaten by a fox. God is responsible for a plan that includes the fox eating the rabbit. But the rabbit is responsible for jumping and pays the consequences for his actions or lack of action. So God included immoral acts of man in His plan. God is not responsible for committing those acts because He did not commit them. They are committed by humans with real unhindered free will. If God manipulated human will by limiting it in any way, then God would be responsible for the evil act.


(4) T or FGod does not need to cause sin and evil to reveal His goodness.

False. Without sin, we would experience nothing of Godís grace, His mercy, compassion and forgiveness. For instance, Satan is simply an unwilling servant of God. Evil world philosophies and religions only serve Godís purpose of displaying what the true truth is. Evil, then, requires a discussion of good and a standard for good. So when a potential evil has been actualized, then you can say more about what is good, right, correct and moral, than you could have before.


Take This Test: When terrorists killed thousands of people on 9/11 2001 in America:Y/N


(1) Did anyone enter eternity (heaven or hell) early?______

(2) Did God plan for the terrorists to destroy thousands of people?______

(3) Did God plan for the firefighters and the police to save lots of people?______

(4) Were those who died victims?______

(5) Is God responsible for the deaths of thousands of people?______