Spiritual Inventory from Romans 12:9-16†††††††††† Evaluate††††††††††††††† Action

Let love be without hypocrisy

Giving to another which serves their greater good without reciprocity doing so genuinely and sincerely



Abhor what is evil cling to what is good.

While horrified by evil I must be attached to what is good by nature



Be devoted to one another in brotherly love

Determined to have a special bond and natural affection for one another



Give preference to one another in honor

Acknowledging the value of one another without diminishing it by having others recognize me



Not lagging behind in diligence

Taking responsibility to follow through with my commitments



Be fervent in spirit serving the Lord

Be diligent and zealous to labor in all that Godís will requires



Rejoicing in Hope

Excited about the joyous expectation I have as a believer



Persevering in Tribulation

Endure through hardship and suffering without despair



Devoted to Prayer

Persist in communicating messages to God constantly



Contributing to the needs of the Saints

Make my money and possessions available to meet material needs of one another



Practicing Hospitality

Maintain an open heart, hand, and door to meet immediate needs of one another



Bless those who persecute you

Express the hope of Gods goodness to those who desire to harm me in some way



Bless and do not curse

Express the hope of Gods goodness rather than harsh verbal assault against each other



Rejoice with those who rejoice

Be joyful and genuinely happy when a fortunate outcome brings joy to another



Weep with those who weep

Express empathy and genuine compassion when another suffers a setback or heartache



Be of the same mind toward one another

Have the same aspirations for one another that I have for myself



Do not be haughty in mind

Set aside any feelings of superiority by associating with those who can never have status



Do not be wise in your own estimation

Set myself aside and do not promote my abilities